What is YoreON?

YoreON is the new way to pay for your stay, electricity and water at, campings or camper sites in Europe. With YoreON you can activate your stay, your electricity and water.

Inside the power or water pedestal of YoreON is a controller that communicates with the YoreON communication platform. Using your mobile phone, tablet or laptop you can log into this system to indicate which YoreON power or water connection you would like to activate. After this, the delivery starts at the relevant connection point and the usage is precisely measured.

All camper sites have, just like the power and water points of YoreON, a unique five-digit number. By entering this number, you activate your stay.


Also want YoreON at your camper site?
The YoreON system calculates the total costs of your stay, electricity and water and sends you an invoice at the end of the month. These costs are then collected via direct debit or can be paid via iDeal, Mr. Cash, Sofort or Credit card (MasterCard or VISA).

To be able to use this service, you must register once on our website (this is free). Afterwards, you can operate every available YoreON point in Europe.

The YoreON system also offers many additional functions. For example, there is a functionality to provide long-term visitors with a reduced tariff compared to short-term visitors. It is also possible to send access to guests in order for them to open barriers, entrance gates and shower buildings.


YoreON is a service provided by Ease2pay. Ease2pay assists providers of facilities in the public space. In marinas, in (sea) harbors, on camper sites, on parking places (electric transport),  at events (festivals, markets, funfairs), wherever you want to pay for temporary use of accommodation, electricity, water, washing machines, dryers, access, etc.

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