What to do in case of a technical fault?

It may happen that after switching on, the device does not activate. This can have several causes. You can possibly solve some of these yourself. If you notice a defect or fault, please contact us.

Check status of point

If you use the website or the smartphone app you can check the status of an YoreOn.com point; if the status is 'not available', the relevant point is under maintenance and therefore not available. It is best to find another YoreOn.com point nearby.

Reset the circuit breaker

All connections of YoreOn.com are equipped with a circuit breaker. This switch is usually located behind a transparent access panel in the pedestal or cabinet. The circuit breaker device must show red; this means that the voltage can be switched on. If the color of the switch is green or gray, the circuit breaker is switched off and no power will be available. You can reset the circuit breaker yourself by opening the access panel (often loosening 2 screws) and switch back to red.

Make sure that you first solve the earth leak problem on the user side!

No need to rush

It can sometimes take a little time before a connection point activates or deactivates. Usually, this only takes a few seconds, but in case of heavy network load (e.g. during a festival), this can take several dozen seconds. In case you stopped the transaction using the app, site or phone, but the connection point doesn't appear to turn off, you don't have to contact us. The system has registered your 'off'-request and will stop the transaction in the administration; the next costumer will not consume power or water on your bill!

How to operate YoreOn.com?

Step 1: One off Registration

Register on this website (first time only) as an YoreOn.com user. After registration you can use any YoreOn.com point in The Netherlands at local applicable rates (see Locations page). An YoreOn.com point can be for stay (mooring or parking), power connection or water tap. All YoreOn.com points have a unique five-digit number.


Step 2: Start Power supply or Water tap or pay for stay

Select the location where you are located.

Select the right service (Stay, Electricity or Water).

Activate the five-digit number of the YoreOn.com point that you want to activate using:

  • The YoreOn.com app (for smartphone or tablet) or

  • This website: log in with your email address and password (at the top of this page) or

  • Your phone:

    for stay, call +3188 - 170 7766 (local rate) and follow the instructions

    for electricity, call +3188 - 170 7788 (local rate) and follow the instructions

    for water, call +3188 - 170 7799 (local rate) and follow the instructions


Paying for stay

You must first pay for stay before using electricity or water.

Your stay and the electricity remain activated until the moment you switch off your stay or power.

The 24-hour period for your stay starts at the moment you activate (for example at 6:10 pm) and is valid until 24 hours later (in this example 6:09 pm the following day). At some locations, only the overnight stay is paid for, which means that the hours during the day are free. You can find more information on the signs at location.


The tap for drinking water has a maximum duration or a maximum number of liters (shown at the water tap).


Connect your power cable to the YoreOn.com point you want to activate. After activation the blue LED ring lights up (if available).


Step 3: Turn off power supply or water tap or end stay

You can end your stay or switch off electricity and water in the same ways as switching on (see step 2).

You can keep track of the costs via a daily email or SMS (you can change this via YoreOn.com).

Using the YoreOn.com app or after login via YoreOn.com, you can get an overview of current usage, the costs and the status of your connection and stay (on / off).

Please note: by removing the power cable from the socket, your YoreOn.com session has not finished! You must always switch off using the app, website or by telephone.



You pay afterwards using one of our payment methods which you have chosen during registration.

  • By far the easiest payment method is to set up a direct debit. After the end of the month, the amount is automatically debited from your bank account. You will receive an email with your invoice which has already been paid.
  • If you did not opt ​​for direct debit, you will receive an email with your invoice and a payment link after the end of each month. Via iDeal, Sofort, Mr. Cash or credit card (MasterCard or VISA) you can then pay the outstanding amount.

You can always view your invoice via our website (log in at the top of this site). Here you can also change your payment method.


Use YoreOn.com with credit card without prior registration

You can also use YoreOn.com without registration. You pay directly by credit card. There are additional costs involved of € 1.00 per transaction. As an unregistered user you can only use the 088 numbers for activation and deactivation of YoreOn.com points and you can not activate or access current information using the app or website. You will also not receive an invoice in this case. Only credit cards from MasterCard and VISA are accepted.


Frequently Asked Questions (general)

Here you will find the most frequently asked general questions

I do not get power after connecting. What am I doing wrong?

  • There can be a maximum of 5 minutes between activation and start delivery
  • Is your plug properly connected? (both sides)
  • Is there voltage on the power strip? (check the circuit breaker)
  • Then check whether you have entered the correct YoreOn.com connection number and check the number at your location (this number is visible in the app or website after login)
  • Have you registered on the website? If not, you must first register.
  • If you have already registered and want to activate via site or app, then the question is whether you are correctly logged in with your username and password; check if you are logged in correctly
  • If you have lost your username and / or password, you can request this website
  • If you have activated via the telephone menu (088 - 170 7788); call again to check if you have activated the correct connection.

My power-transaction was automatically stopped. What happened?

Sometimes users forget to turn off their supply when they leave. This means the next user could potentially continue to use that YoreOn.com point on their costs. To spare you such unpleasant surprises, we automatically end the power transaction when no usage has been registered for several hours.

Do you want to make sure the power does not turn off while you're moored? Use an energy saving lamp or other small-usage device!

I have caused a short circuit and the circuit breaker is down. What should I do?

Remove the plug from the socket and ensure that the short circuit is resolved. Then turn the circuit breaker back on and plug your plug back into the socket.

How can I check my consumption?

You can read the history of your usage in the YoreOn.com app or on the website after login. Your usage is also shown on the invoice that you will be sent by email when paying by direct debit.

Which activation methods are there?

There are various methods to activate an YoreOn.com point:

- You can activate a point via the website (www.YoreOn.com)
- You can activate a point via the YoreOn.com app on your mobile phone or tablet (only available for iOS or Android devices)
- You can call 088-170 7788 for power, 088-170 7799 for water and 088-170 7766 for stay using your registered mobile number.

Customers without an account (not registered) can start a YoreOn.com point by telephone using a credit card (above numbers).

What can you do with the app?

With the app you can start and stop sessions, view your transaction history, and change your notification settings.

For which mobile operating system is the app available?

The app is available for Apple and Android devices.

There is currently no app for Windows phones and Blackberries. There is a good working (mobile) website for all devices. If you go to www.YoreOn.com with your device, you can access a mobile website that works just as well as an app.

Are the login details for the app and the website the same?

Yes, the login details for the app and the website are the same.

I can not log in

If you are unable to log in, you must check whether your login details have been entered correctly.

If this is the case, click on "forgot password". You will receive a new password by email.

What kind of connections are there?

There are different types of connections with different plugs. At the pedestal and wall socket you can see which connections are available.

Where can I find the connector number?

The connector number or YoreOn.com point can be found on the pedestal or near the mooring.

I forgot to stop the session

Stop the delivery and send a message to us via the contact form with an explanation when you have left.

How do I turn off text messages and email notifications?

On our website or app (after login) you can adjust your settings.

How many connectors can I use at the same time?

You can use one connector at a time as a private person. Are you a company please contact us via the contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions (payments)

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions about payments

How do I change my bank account number or phone number?

To change your bank account number or phone number you have to call 085 - 2012781 or log in on the website

When will I receive my invoice?

You will receive your invoice at the beginning of each month if you have used our services in the previous month.

I received a reminder to pay

If you have not yet paid according to our invoicing system, you will receive a reminder. We ask you to pay the outstanding bill immediately otherwise your subscription will be suspended. If you have already paid, please contact us via the contact form below.

How can I change my address

You can change your address by logging into our website.

Contact us

Thank you for your message. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Forgot your password?

Your password must contain at least 8 characters.

Please type the email address you have registered with us and choose a new password of at least 8 characters.